Intro Classes Done! Regular Practices Start 9/6/16

Thanks to everyone who came to our beginner's classes! We hope you had fun and learned something new!
Regular practice starts next week at the same time (T/Th 8-10pm) same room.
If you came to the Thursday beginner's class, there are pictures on Facebook. Tag yourselves if you want!
Also, follow us on Twitter! @HawkeyeFencing

A New Year of Fencing! (Welcome to the 2016-2017 Season!)

Hi, everyone! We're at around two weeks before the semester starts! I hope you've all had fantastic summers relaxing or learning or sleeping or not sleeping!
Our first recruitment event will be at the Sport Club Field Day at Hubbard Park on 8/20/16 at 2:30-5pm! If you're at all available, we'd love to have help representing our club and getting people interested in fencing! We'll have more information as we get closer on what we'll be doing, but keep that date in mind (here's our chance to get people enthusiastic and build relationships!)
Also, a reminder that the OSU Duals and Open are going to be held October 15-16 so TALK TO YOUR PROFESSORS/plan ahead of time to be gone that weekend! (Participation will help qualify you for championships in the spring!)
And with that: time to start breaking out your en garde and lunge muscles! Be the cool kid and footwork up and down your hallway late at night!

Bradley Results (10/23/2015)

I present to you the Bradley results spreadsheet! Congratulations to Evan for fencing in his first tournament and to Alain for fencing in his first tournament with the club!

Membership Dues and Tournament Fees (10/14/2015)

Here's a gentle reminder to pay your club dues ($75) and tournament fees ($50 or $60 for OSU and Bradley will be $40) if you haven't done so already!

Also a gentle reminder that tournaments are an excellent chance to learn from fencing totally different people and team tournaments that the club does intercollegiately are super fun and not easy to find after college/grad school/etc so go out and try competing!

OSU Results (10/5/2015)

Good job to everyone who fenced at OSU! Special congratulations to Ariel, Aditya, Esther, Jocelyn, and Lynn who fenced in their tournaments ever!

If you've a hankering for more competition or your first competition, never fear! The Bradley duals are in less than two weeks, so get pumped (again!). October 17 (Saturday) is the day and it will be a one day tournament so we'll leave Saturday morning and get back Saturday night. The tournament is in nearby Peoria (about 2.5 hours) and this is an excellent opportunity to test your skills and fence new people! If you want to fence in the individual championships in the spring, this is your chance to get qualified!

Individual day results are posted here:

Team day results are here:

MFC Conference Call (9/13/2015)

The annual MFC conference call just concluded, so I'm just going to post a few things here for your general information.

short version: 1) Tell us if you're going to OSU; 2) see below for list of tournaments; 3) 800N sabre gloves are a thing for USFA competition

*** We need to let Ohio State know who we are bringing to their tournament immediately. So we apologize for constantly bugging you, but if you have not already done so please contact Dylane or Maria immediately (before 10pm on 09/13). Thank you! And after this weekend we will stop frantically bugging you. ***

Here are the tentative dates for tournaments coming up:
October 3-4: Ohio State Open/Duals (Columbus, Ohio - leave Friday)
October 17: Bradley Duals (Peoria, Illinois)
November 14: Wisconsin Duals (v. tentative, but this will be one of the closest tournaments for us) (Madison, Wisconsin)
Feburary 27-28: Midwest Fencing Conference Championships at Ohio State

If you would like to go to them, please make a note of the dates and do what you need to get time off (look how early we're giving you notice for some of them!). If you want to fence in the MFC Championships, there are notes on eligibility, so you'll need to fence in at least one or two of the earlier tournaments. Tournaments are a lot of fun and a learning opportunity. Bradley and Wisconsin are super close by, so we hope to have full squads for those (but for that we need you!).

Sabres: For USFA competition, 800N sabre gloves will be required - the club will purchase enough for use in tournaments, but if you plan on fencing individually, it would be a good idea to get that.

Squad Captain Elections (9/8/2015)

We will hold squad captain elections during practice on Thursday Sept 17th. Please be there if you would like to run for squad captain (or contact me if you have a schedule conflict).

Squad captain duties include: representing your squad at team tournaments and interacting with officials, giving guidance during practice, communicating squad needs to exec board.

Travel Officer (9/1/2015)

The position for travel officer is still up for grabs if anyone would like to be a part of the club's board this year! The responsibilities include coordinating hotel rooms and vehicle rentals for tournaments using the university's ProTrav system, as well as working with the treasurer to keep track of these expenses. Please let us know if you are interested in this position!

Recruiting Events (8/17/2105)

With the school year starting we have 2 great recruitment opportunities coming up!

The club is having an information table at both events are we are looking for people to help man it. This just involves answering questions about what the club's like and talking about how awesome fencing is.

We'd like to have at least 2 people at the table at a time. Use the links below to sign up.Recruitment is how our club survives throughout the years. And new members means more friends for you to fence with!

Pick one expo, Sat Aug 22, 2:00pm-4:30pm, IMU

Recfest, Thurs Aug 27, 2:00pm-6:00pm, CRWC

Links to results:
pick one

Election Results (5/8/2015)

Congratulations to the UI Fencing Club '15-'16 officers!
President: Brittney Mikus
Vice President: Maria Morabe
Secretary: Dylane Wineland
Treasurer: Drew Mercer

Announcements (4/26/2015)

1) We are now accepting nominations for '15-'16 club officer positions. The positions up for election are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for an office please email nominations to Elections will be held within the next 2 weeks.

2) If you are a squad captain please message one of the current officers with trophy suggestions (and why) for the members of your squad. We will be presenting these trophies at the competitive team dinner.

Registration for the Hawkeye Novice is Now Open (4/7/2015)
New to fencing? Want to compete in a weapon you are less experienced in? The Hawkeye Novice is a great opportunity for this! To compete in an event you must have less than two years of experience fencing that weapon and be unrated. USFA membership is not required. 
Preregister on askFRED:

The tournament will be held in the main deck of the Field House. Awards will be given to the top 4 in each event.

Cost is $10 for registration and $10 per event.

Events Scheduled:
Unrated Mixed Epee 12:00 PM
Unrated Mixed Foil  10:00 AM
Unrated Mixed Saber 2:00 PM

MFC Championships (2/21/2015)

This year's MFC Championships was a one-day tournament hosted by Northwestern University. It was a team tournament organized in a direct elimination bracket. Due to time constraints the only places that were fenced out were 1st and 3rd.

The brackets and score sheets for each weapon and gender are found here.

Happy Valentine's Day! (2/14/2015)

with love from the UI Fencing Club

Swim meet timing fundraising (2/13/2015)

Help us raise money! (Something has to pay for all those blades...) We need to know as soon as possible if you can help, because we are competing against other clubs for the opportunity to work for money.

Swim timing isn't hard at all. Dates range from March 12-15. Times are on the doodle poll ( We need at least 8 people at one time to volunteer. (But 16 would be even better.) Much thanks!

Upcoming Tournaments(2/11/2015)

Greetings, fencers, MFCs is in ten days! If you're looking for an opportunity to fence new people or just get more fencing in beforehand, ICFC is hosting a tournament this weekend.
(For more info:

Also, there's another tournament in Ames on Valentine's Day that's getting rather large if you feel like driving! (see AskFred for more info) You do need USFA membership, so if you have questions about that, feel free to ask!

Beginners' Fencing Class (2/7/2015)

Attention new fencers or those interested in joining the club!

Judy O'Donnell will be teaching an introductory class for new members of the University of Iowa Fencing Club on Friday, February 13th from 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm. The class will be at the Iowa City Fencing Center and will cost $20.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by emailing us at so we can tell Judy how many fencers to expect.

For the class, wear comfortable, closed toed shoes and pants that you are comfortable exercising in. (Pants can mean durable sweat pants, or athletic pants but NOT yoga pants or leggings) and don't forget your money. A water bottle is also recommended, but not required.

Equipment Announcement (1/26/2015)

Hey guys, just a reminder, if you won't be coming back to fencing this semester or your attendance will be irregular, please turn your borrowed club equipment back in.

Contact one of the officers to turn stuff in. We have some students interested in trying fencing but we can't teach them if there is no equipment to use. Thanks!

Spring Practice Schedule (1/19/2015)

Welcome back everyone, I am looking forward to another great semester of fencing with you guys!

The first practice will be on Thursday with everyone at ICFC. Those who need rides will meet at the Field House as usual. The practice schedule for the rest of the semester is found below.
 UIFC Spring 2015 Practice Schedule

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