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News from Fall 2014
Finals (12/18/2014)

Thank you everyone for a great fall semester of fencing and congratulations on surviving finals!

If you are going to be in the Iowa City area during break ICFC is a great practice resource tool. Though since it is not part of the club's practice season you will need to pay floor fees or buy a monthly membership at ICFC. Either way it's a good idea and something fun to do over break.

Towards the end of break we will be posting information about spring practices.

UI Fencing Tradition (11/28/2014)

Here is a fun find in the university library courtesy of our secretary. I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving break! Practice will resume as usual on Tuesday.
A photo from the UI library collections: women fencing at the university on November 22, 1890

Shirts & Northwestern Results (11/7/2014)

Shirts are in! You can pick them up at practice starting next week. Please have your payment ready when you pick up your shirt. They are $12 each, cash or check made out to UI Fencing Club.

The Nortwestern Duals results spreadsheet has been added to our Tournament Results page. And congratulations to Ada and Colin for participating in their first tournament!

Northwestern Schedule (10/30/2014)
This weekend the UI Fencing Club will be traveling to Evanston, IL to compete in a tournament hosted by Northwestern.We will be leaving on Saturday and returning late Sunday evening.

Here is the fencing schedule for Sunday. Women's rounds are highlighted in blue, men in yellow, and full squad is highlighted in green.

2014 Northwestern Schedule

Club Shirts (10/7/2014)

OSU Duals Results (10/6/2014)

The team traveled to Columbus, OH over the weekend to compete in our first team tournament of the year.

Good job everyone and congratuations to Ryland, Allen, Shane, and Merric on their first collegiate tournament!

Duals at Bradley University on 10/19/2014 (10/2/2014)

This year our team will compete at the duals hosted by Bradley University. It is a one-day tournament on Sunday, October 19th.

It's a fairly short drive and will not require an overnight hotel stay. It's a good chance for our club to get tournament practice and become more involved in the Midwest conference.

Regular practices begin Thursday 9/4

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped teach the beginners' classes. I enjoyed getting to meet people and show them what fencing's like. Our first regular practice is Thursday 9/4 and the game plan is as follows:

Practice is 8-10 PM at the Iowa City Fencing Center If you do not have fencing equipment (either of your own or checked out from the closet) or need a ride to the Iowa City Fencing Center meet in front the fencing closet in the Field House at 8pm sharp. We are going to use the Field House as a pick up and drop off spot for carpooling (we will start out with 4 drivers (who have been contacted) and adjust arrangements as necessary).

A practice schedule for the fall semester can be found here.

I hope to see you all there!

Hawkeye Open Tournament is Sept 20th (8/28/2014)

The Hawkeye Open is an annual tournament hosted by the UI Fencing Club. It will be held in the Field House with events in Foil (9:30AM), Epee (12:30PM), and Saber (4:00PM). USFA membership is required to participate. Spectators are always welcome!

You can find more information and preregister for this tournament on its ask FRED tournament page.

Beginner's Class Info (8/23/2014)

Hello, if you you want to join the fencing club but are worried because you don't have any experience worry no more! Most of the people who join our club had never fenced before coming to college.

So here’s where I remind you that we have classes for beginners on Aug. 28 (Thursday), September 2 (Tuesday), and September 3 (Wednesday) at 8 pm. The beginner’s class is one day and it should go to around 10 pm, so choose which day works best for you. Once you get to the Field House, go to room 475. We will have people there to guide you if you get lost.

Please email us to let us know that you’re planning on coming so that we can have an idea of how many people to expect. Also, if there’s a particular weapon that you really really wanted to try also include that in your email. Or you could just wait until the class and pick it then!

We suggest wearing things you can work out in (athletic pants and athletic shoes). We recommend pants or things that cover your legs to protect against any stray tips. We also recommend that you bring a water bottle. All other necessary equipment is provided. 

The beginner’s class is $20 (bring that with you to the class), but if you continue fencing with us and join the club, that will go toward the club dues (which is $70 for the year).

If you plan on coming to the beginner's class, please go to this website to fill out a waiver before the class:

Email us if you plan to coming to beginner’s class or if you have any other questions!

We hope to see you soon!
UI Fencing Club

 Fall Practice Schedule (8/21/2014)

The fall practice schedule is as follows: Each Tuesday one weapon will practice in room N464 of the Field House (this will rotate) and the others are at ICFC. The whole team will practice at ICFC on Thursdays.
We are excited about this change and thank everyone for their input and flexibility.
UIFC Fall 2014 Practice Schedule

News from Spring 2014
Proposal to Practice at Iowa City Fencing Center (8/6/2014)
The facilities at the field house have not been meeting our club's needs or allowing us to use practice time effectively. Therefore, the officers of the University of Iowa Fencing Club propose that we move our practices to ICFC this upcoming academic year.
It is important that we get the details of our practice space arranged before school starts on the 25th, so we are sharing the details of this proposal through a powerpoint rather than an in-person presentation.
This decision is being put up to a vote. On Friday morning club members will receive a survey via email. The survey is open August 8th-10th.

 Sock It to Me! (8/1/2014)
 In order to be safe, the socks have to go up to the knee and overlap with the bottom of your knickers. No skin should be showing. But knee socks are one of the few parts of the fencing uniform that can be personalized. And there are options galore!
  • When we compete as a team our fencers wear one gold sock and one black one. (The gold sock goes on your dominant foot.)
    • Soccer socks are a good choice for these and can be purchased at most big box and sporting goods stores.
  • There are socks specifically made for fencing. These tend to be white in color and have extra padding on the heel and shin.
    • Here a a couple options sold by Absolute Fencing.
  • If you have strong fencer's calves and "knee high" socks don't always reach your knees, thigh high socks work well.
    • I've found this is usually a problem only with the non-athletic, cute socks. Ones made specifically for athletics usually are fine.
  • And speaking of fun knee socks,Sock It to Me is one of my favorite brands. You can get them online or at Revival on the Iowa City ped mall. They have a wide variety of men and women's styles ranging from subdued argyles to sock-sporting plesiosaurs.
Socks are from Sock It to Me

 Fencing Season Gears Back Up (7/24/2014)
Fencing continues all year round but with Nationals in early July and the yearly USFA memberships renewing August 1st summer is the time when one year's fencing season turns into the next. And once school starts up there will be even more practice and tournament opportunities.
It is not a requirement for being in the club, but I would highly recommend a USFA competitive membership. It's only $70 for the year and lets you participate in as many local tournaments as you would like (instead of having to pay a one-day membership pass if you want to compete in a USFA tournament if you don't have one)

Membership gives you:
  • US Fencing Membership Card (bring this to tournaments)
  • Online membership profile
  • Discounts with participating vendors
  • Right to compete in local, division, regiional, and national-level competitions
  • American Fencing Magazine-Quarterly Subscription

Website Update (7/17/2014)
Welcome to the updated University of Iowa Fencing Club website. Even if you're already familiar with the website take a couple of minutes to explore and check out the new content on the Media and ICFC pages.
I would also like to highlight the YouTube channel Cyrus of Chaos. It has bout compilations and commentaries that are a good resource for all fencers, especially saberists.
Check back for more tournament info as the school year draws closer. I look forward to it!
--Brittney Mikus, VP of UI Fencing Club
Squad Results from 2014 Midwestern Conference Championships

Men's Foil(Evan Decker, Alex Vinel, and Alex Kokshanian
- initially seeded 18 out of 19
- lost to Bowling Green State University (15th seed) in the preliminary round, 5-2
- finished in 18th place out of 19

Men's Saber (Christopher Edwards, Hunter Anderson, Scotty Hendricks)
- initially seeded 19th out of 20
- lost to Bowling Green State University (14th seed) in the preliminary round, 5-3
- finished in 19th place out of 20

Men's Epee (David Cordie, Elliott Soemadi, Patrick Taffe)
- initially seeded 11th
- lost to Indiana University (6th seed) in the round of 16, 5-3
- won against Minnesota (19th seed) in the plate quarter finals, 5-3
- lost to Illinois (18th seed) in the plate semifinals, 5-4
- won against Bradly University (13th seed), 5-3 to place 11th out of 20

Men's Combined Team Results - 17th out of 21

Women's Foil (Shanrae'l Stoner and Hannah Easton)
- initially seeded 13th
- lost to University of Michigan (4th seed) in the first round, 5-3
- won against University of Chicago (12th seed) in the plate quarterfinals, 5-3
- won against Michigan State University (9th seed) in the plate semifinals, 5-3
- won against Oberlin College (7th seed) in the plate finals, 5-3 to finish in 9th place out of 19

Women's Epee (Emily Pettit and Maria Morabe)
- initially seeded 17th
- lost to Wisconsin (16th seed) in the preliminary round, 5-2
- finished in 17th place out of 18

Women's Saber (Kelsey Sheets, Brittney Mikus, and Dylane Wineland)
- initially seeded 13th
- lost to Illinois (20th seed) in the preliminary round, 5-3
- finished in 13th place out of 20

Women's Combined Team Results - 15th out of 20

Iowa's Overall Placing - 16th out of 21

Help Us Go to CFCs in Knoxville, TN! (01/08/14)
This year's upcoming Collegiate Fencing Club Championships (CFCs) are in Knoxville, Tennessee. Unfortunately, that's a long way from Iowa City, almost an eleven hour drive. Transporting the entire team to and from the tournament will be very expensive. To help cover the transportation costs, the team has created a fundraising page which you can view here. See the page for more information. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Help us kick some butt!

News from Fall 2013

Northwestern Results (11/05/13)

Here are the somewhat belated results from the Northwestern duals. Everyone who attended did an excellent job, and the Hawkeyes will continue to get better leading up to next semester's championships!

You can check your indicators and results here:

Hawkeye Open (10/13/2013)

Thank you to everyone who came out and fenced, help set-up or run The Hawkeye Open yesterday.

The UIFC would also like to send a special congratulations to Luke Tierney renewing his foil E2013, Lance Hanson renewing his epee D2013, Alexander Vinel earning his epee E2013, Dylan Woolfolk earning his epee E2013 and Christopher Edwards for earning his epee E2013! Great job everyone!
Epee Finalists
Gold - Thomas Pingel
Silver - Aaron Stroppel
Bronze - Lance Hanson
Bronze - David Cordie
Foil Finalists
Gold - Luke Tierney
Silver - Evan Decker
Bronze - Alex Vinel
Bronze - Hannah Easton
Sabre Finalists
Gold - Adam Rains
Silver - Krystal Titus
Bronze - Christopher Edwards
Bronze - Preston Kirkpatrick

Ohio State University Results (10/6/13)
Hawkeye fencers started the semester right with a strong showing at Ohio State University. All fencers did extraordinarily well in addition to surviving over 18 hours of driving! Congratulations to all who competed, individual results are available here: OSU Results 2013

Welcome Back! (8/25/13)

Classes start tomorrow, and with them starts another season of fencing! If you are a returning member of the club, practices begin this Tuesday and Thursday at 8 pm. If you are interested in trying fencing for the first time, please come to one of our beginners' classes on September 3rd, 4th, or 11th. If you plan to attend, please contact us at
Additionally, the calendar and events section has been updated to reflect this year's practice and tournament schedule, check it out!

News from Spring 2013
CFC Results (4/19/13)
We have this year's CFC results at last! Individual results only include the top eight fencers for each weapon, but the UIFC saw three of its women finish in this category (each weapon saw more than 70 competitors in each gender). Congratulations to the following three and to everyone who competed!
Emily Pettit (women's épée) - 7th
Krystal Titus (women's saber) - 6th
Sara Pettit (women's saber) - 7th
Team day also saw the Hawkeyes fence well, and everyone deserves cake for getting through a long weekend of tough competition.
Men's foil: 29th (of 30)
Men's épée:27th (of 30)
Men's saber: 27th (of 28)
Women's foil: 21st (of 24)
Women's épée: 13th (of 28)
Women's saber: 6th (of 26)
The men's teams overall finished 30th, and the women's teams overall finished 13th. As a school, Iowa finished 21st of 31. Well done, all!

Hawkeye Novice (4/14/13)
Saturday April 13 was our annual Hawkeye Novice, and our newbies fenced spectacularly!
Congratulations to Dylan Cutsforth, Al Altmaier, and Kevin Midlash, for winning golds in foil, saber, and epee respectively, and to Ryan Monroe for his silver in foil, Joe Au for his bronze in foil, and Kevin for his bronze in saber.
Additional congratulations go to Brittney Mikus, Dido Salazar-Torres, and Dylane Wineland for fencing in multiple events! Nice job, everyone.

Voting (4/14/13)
Voting is now open! Cast your votes for the 2013-2014 Executive Board. Voting ends the beginning of practice Thursday. Winners will be announced mid-practice. Good luck to all!
Voting form

Survey and Nominations (4/8/13)
Hello Everyone!
Results for CFCs have not been posted, but as soon as they are, we will post both individual and team results (along with any cool photos we find).
In the meantime we have two forms for people to look at and respond to. The first is for nominating people for executive board for the 2013-2014 school year. Voting will start next week and that form will be posted Saturday night after the Novice.

The second is a general survey that we want people to take in order for us to make improvements to the club. We cannot make changes or move forward without input from our members, so please take a few minutes and answer as many questions as you can stand to take.
Nomination Form
Be aware that our last two tournaments are coming up, sign up and take advantage of club practices before the school year ends!

MFC Championships (3/2/13)
Everyone made it back safely from the Midwest Fencing Conference Championships this weekend! The UIFC placed 9th overall, which is our best finish [to our knowledge] to date. Complete results are available on the Notre Dame website. Congratulations and well done to everyone who competed!
Individual Results
Men's Épée (out of 84)
Brian Pastiak - 50th
Lance Hanson - 55th
Elliott Soemadi - 68th (T)
Men's Foil (out of 69)
Evan Decker - 48th
Alexander Vinel - 52nd
Dylan Cutsforth - 55th
Men's Saber (out of 76)
Christopher Edwards - 30th
Dido Salazar-Torres - 49th
Albert Altmaier - 66th
Women's Épée (out of 54)
Emily Pettit - 30th
Bethliz Irizarry - 42nd
Brittney Mikus - 50th
Women's Foil (out of 60)
Hannah Easton - 19th
Shanrae'l Stoner - 21st (T)
Women's Saber (out of 59)
Sara Pettit - 7th (2nd team All-American; Schiller award winner)
Krystal Titus - 28th
Kelsey Sheets - 37th
Squad Results
Men's Épée:15th (of 21)
Men's Foil:14th (of 21)
Men's Saber: 18th (of 20)
Women's Épée: 11th (of 18)
Women's Foil: 7th (of 18)
Women's Saber: 5th (of 17; Schiller award winners)

Spring News (1/21/13)

Welcome back, everyone!

The calendar has been updated with practice and beginner class dates. Please check all dates and make plans to attend as many practices as possible. This Thursday is the organizational fair. If you or someone you know wants to sign up for Wednesday beginner's classes please email Bethliz or Evan or come visit our booth at the Org Fair.  

News from 2012

Hawkeye Sparkle Results (12/4/12)

Congratulations to all the Hawkeye women who competed in the Hawkeye Sparkle this past weekend! Results are up on AskFred (, and photos will be up on the media page soonish. Extra thanks to everyone who traveled to the tournament or came to help direct and/or spectate!

NU Duals (11/19/12)

Well done to all the competitive fencers who went to the NU Duals this weekend! The UIFC posted some very strong results and did some of the best fencing yet this season. Kudos and well done to everyone! The data is all entered and your indicators and results can be found here:

If you notice a problem with any of your bout scores, please let Bethliz know as soon as possible.

Swag (10/4/12)

Are you interested in ordering club t-shirts and such? Take the poll and let us know now so we can get price estimates! Also, for all you alumni out there, if you want stuff, let us know. We'll get it to you.

OSU Duals (9/30/12)

Hello Everyone! Thanks to everyone who participated in our first competition yesterday! All of our fencers did amazing and we are very proud of them. I gave out indicators last night, but some (due to car math) were a little off. Here is the spreadsheet of results. All should be correct except for the women's teams; we do not have the results for Xavier for the first round for the women's teams but if you remember your score, message me and I'll add it in. If you notice an error, message Bethliz and she'll double check the final results. (Double kudos go to Sara for designing the spreadsheet.)
Another reminder that we now have practice rooms open Tuesdays through Thursdays, so if you want to come in Wednesday or any combination of those three days feel free.  If you missed out on this tournament or if you want to keep competing, we will be opening up spots for the Northwestern Duals this week.
Have a nice recovery day everyone!

Dues Update (9/5/12)

Christopher will be at practice every Tuesday and Thursday for the next few weeks to collect dues. They are $60 this year and he would appreciate them turned in no later than Thursday September 20th. If you are planning on going to OSU, you must pay your dues before leaving.

Additional Fall Update (9/4/12)

Hello Everyone!
It's been great seeing everyone at practice and helping out with the beginners classes!  Just a reminder that dues are due soon, so talk to Christopher (or better yet, give him money) as soon as possible.  We still have a few spots open for the competition at OSU, so if you want to attend, speak to a squad captain soon! If you don't know who is your squad captain, just ask!
So, there has been a new mandate from the University regarding waivers.  If you've signed a paper wavier, you now have to complete a wavier online.  All waivers must now be completed online on the Orgsync home page, and here is the link: This must be completed before practice and we'll have a computer at practice in case you forget, but please do it beforehand.

Fall Update (8/18/12)

Welcome back everyone! I hope all of you had great summers! Classes start in two days, which also means fencing will be starting up soon.  This week the Field House will be open for practice, but for experienced members only.  Remember, even if you have fenced with us before, you will still need to fill out a wavier before being allowed to participate.  We'll have extras at practice, but it'll save us time and paper if you print and fill out one beforehand (they can be found on this website).  There will be no beginners classes until next week, the 29th.  All beginners classes, practices, and competitions will be on the calender page.  Email us any questions or concerns you may have at
Hope to see you next week!
Bethliz Irizarry
UIFC President 2012-13

Summer Update (5/20/12)

There will be no practice at the Field House over the summer, but regular practices will resume the same week as classes in the fall (look for updates as the summer winds down). Many of the UIFC members who will be in town over summer vacation will be practicing at the ICFC; ask around if you're in town to see who's going when or to arrange a ride.
Lastly, thank you to everyone for a fabulous year! It's been an honor to represent the UIFC and it's been a pleasure to train and fence with all of you. I wish you an even better season next year under the leadership of the UIFC's new executive board members.
All my best,
Sara Pettit
UIFC President, 2011-12

2012-13 UIFC Officer Elections Results

Congratulations to next year's Executive Board! They will take office at the end of the school year. Extra thanks to everyone who ran and/or voted in the election!
President: Bethliz Irizarry
Vice President: Evan Decker
Secretary: Emily Pettit
Treasurer: Christopher Edwards